Maryam Sepehri is an award-winning, Iranian documentary filmmaker.

Starting out earning a medical degree, she worked in a sterile lab where she quickly realised her heart was in filmmaking and took it upon herself to educate herself in her true vocation.

After being awarded a B.A. in filmmaking and an M.A. in photography she pursued documentary filmmaking, focusing on human expression and learning.

She has made several well-received documentaries,  winning a number of prestigious awards as well as having a number of short stories published along with translations from English to Farsi. 

Maryam also finds time to take wonderful photographs and cook an amazing fesenjān.


Rain Once Again (2012)

Awarded the Best Documentary Film at the Sooreh International Short Film Festival

Thicker than Paint (2013)

Awarded the Special Cream City Cinema Jury Prize at the 5th Milwaukee Film Festival

Nominated for Best Direction (semi-feature length) at the 8th Cinéma Vérité, the Iran International Documentary Film Festival.

Mouth Harp in Minor Key: Hamid Naficy on/in Exile (2017)

Awarded Best Film and Best Original Music 

 for the Iranian Documentary Independent Award by the

Independent Iranian Cinema 

Nominated for Best Film and Best Editing from the Cinema Vérité Iran International Documentary Film Festival